27-28 In July, Rõuge municipality's home cafe day will be held for the first time, where 20 different home cafes will open their doors across the entire municipality!

We welcome guests to venture on a two-day curvy food trail, because this is the specialty of our region. Here you can take part in the activities, traditions and customs of the people of our region and enjoy the exciting local flavors.

In addition, the wonderful attractions of our area await guests: Suure Munamäe observation tower, Pesapuu observation tower, Hinn canyon, Viitina and Rogosi manor, the movie Vargamäe visitor center, Mõniste Peasant Museum etc.

Fans of tradition and folk culture are welcome On the evening of July 27, Kangst village party to take part in a great village party.

See you on the food road of Rõuge!

20 home cafes are waiting for you:

AnitiW Galerii
Kotli taluköök
PÄTSI kohvik
Kohv ja Klaver
Roosiaia Talukohvik
Jahimehe kohvik
Vaimse tervise vitamiinid
 Rogosi mõisa kohvik
 Andri-Peedo talukohvik
 Ritsiku kodukohvik
 Kasevete kohvik
Lauri talu 150
Kase talu kohvik
Ulgumaa tranquilo
Vesiroti kodukohvik
Väike Itaalia / Little Italy


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