As an active vacationer, you are definitely looking for nice hiking trails and sports opportunities.

Be a part of Estonian history and visit the sights of our region.

In the Communication and Laptop Museum, you can find out how our parents or grandparents called or sent a fax. Inside the museum, you can try to make a call with a disk phone and also send a fax. Come and see if you can find your first phone or laptop.

The fauna of the animal park is diverse: in total, 90 different animals live on the Alaveski farm, in addition to 28 pheasants. In the farm, you can see Miss Mõmsik and Harry the bear, small bear cubs, lynxes, squirrels and foxes, deer and the oldest inhabitants of the park, wild boars.

For Families

Different animals, museums, swimming, climbing the towers are definitely of interest to the younger vacationers. You can do it all here!

For winter sports lover

Haanjamaa is known for its snowy winters and Haanja Puhke- ja Spordikeskusesis the place where you can find the best ski trails.

They organize both day hikes and shorter hikes. The guest can always try operating the application himself if he wishes. Both children and adults, larger and smaller groups can ride the dog sled. 

Ski tracks (1, 2, 3 and 5 km) are suitable for running and cycling in summer. 1.4 km long light traffic road Haanja-Kurgjärve, 2 km long scooter track, biathlon range, multi-sport field (hockey, basketball and football), football field, low adventure track. Pub, showers, changing rooms, saunas, sports cafe. Ski lessons and tour guide service.

Delicious products are made from the high-quality milk of the most modern goat farm in Northern Europe, which opened in 2017. At Andri-Pedo farm, you can get to know a modern modern farm where goats are raised and goat's milk products are made. Animal welfare is very important to the farm.

Koiva and Mustjõgi are very important water bodies in the Kotus region. It is like a grandfather (Koiva) and a young grandson running around (Mustjõgi). Koiva is calm, ~40 meters wide, meandering quietly between higher sandbanks, wooded meadows and pine forests, but when it needs to show strength, it sometimes swells to a width of more than a kilometer during high water. 

Holiday activity


A good opportunity to try and experience something raucous. Various trails, marked with colored ribbons, are located outside nature reserves.

Holiday activity


Rõuge ice rink is located next to the school building. The ice rink illuminated by natural ice operates in the winter period according to the weather conditions.
Suvel samas kunstmurukattega jalgpalliväljak.

Holiday activity

Sauna rental

Saunamaa offers different types of saunas to enjoy: Estonian sauna, Finnish sauna, cave sauna or country sauna, Indian sauna and the newest of them is the plastic sauna. Hot tubs.

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