SA Rõuge Valla turism

the Rõuge parish tourism foundation

The foundation deals with the organization and development of tourism and tourist services, management and improvement of tourist objects in Rõuge municipality.

The foundation manages the three largest objects in Rõuge municipality, which are Suur Munamägi, Rogosi manor and Rõuge Ööbikuorg and Pesapuu observation.

Rõuge valla vaatamisväärsused

Introduction to the area

Rõuge parish is known for its beautiful nature, which includes lakes, forests, bogs and picturesque landscapes.

There are several lakes in the territory of the municipality, such as Lake Rõuge, Lake Kahrila and Liinjärv, which offer opportunities for fishing and water sports.

Rõuge municipality is an attractive place for both residents and visitors who are looking for picturesque nature, a peaceful living environment and opportunities for active recreation.

What we offer

There are many nice companies in Rõuge municipality that offer catering, accommodation, cultural events and active activities.

There are several hiking and cycling trails in the area that allow you to discover the natural beauty here. The most famous of them is Ööbikuorgwhich is a beautiful valley with a small river flowing through it and surrounded by several hiking trails and attractions.
In addition to natural beauty, Rõuge municipality also has cultural heritage. There are several historical wooden churches here, such as Rõuge, Haanja and Mõniste churches, which are of interest to history and architecture enthusiasts.

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