Sanna 2024 Rõuge
Sanna 2024! Rõuge


SAUNA 2024! The weekend of open saunas in Rõuge municipality is coming again!

19.-20. on October 2024, different expressive saunas and sauna families in Rõuge municipality in Võrumaa will open their doors and hearts to experience the pleasures of saunas and the charms of rural life together. Sauna connects people, heals and opens up the lifestyle of sauna goers.  

The best way to get to know people and their everyday culture is to go to the sauna with them. 

Going to the sauna and sauna customs are an important part of the identity and cultural heritage of Southern Estonia. Every family has its own sauna practices, beliefs and customs. A common sauna visit unites communities, ways of thinking, families, tribes and peoples. SAUNA 2024 event! warms and opens hearts to communicate from person to person, family, community, encourages partnerships and business enterprises to take guests to their favorite places in Rõuge municipality's wonderful nature, homes, saunas, spiritual and cultural landscapes.

19. October SANNA 2024! 

20.-22. in October 2023, various expressive home saunas and sauna families will open their doors and hearts between the domes and lake views of Rõuge municipality for going to the sauna with the family, for workshops, selling sauna stuff and experiencing the charms of rural life together. 

20. October Sanna 2024! 

WHISTLING PARTY by Rõuge Suurjärvi in ​​a large sauna tent, where you whistle yourself and get whistled by your sauna companions. Between steams, a refreshing dip in the deepest lake in Estonia.


SANNA2024! Rõuge

We will meet on the sauna stage at the community open day of saunas SANNA 2024!, which is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 Southern Estonia community program. 

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