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Suur Munamägi

Suur Munamägi observation tower

Suur Munamägi observation tower is 29.1 meters high and its top is 346.7 meters above sea level, is located on the highest peak in the Baltics. The tower overlooks a distance of 70 km.

April-August 10am-8pm / September-October 10am-5pm / November-March 10am-3pm

Ticket 6€ / Child 4€ / Family ticket 15€

Address: Haanja, Rõuge municipality, Estonia

Pesapuu observation tower

The height of the Pesapuu observation tower in Rõuge Ööbikuoru is 30 meters (the upper viewing platform is located at a height of 27 meters), and in appearance it resembles a tree with two bird nests.

Free access 24/7

Address: Tindi village, Rõuge, 66201

Ööbikuoru vaatetorn Pesapuu

Monument to the Mother of Estonia

The monument reflects the hopes of all of us for the future, values ​​the Estonian woman as a mother, expresses gratitude, unites the nation and gives us a solid message that we will last as a nation from time to time. 

Address: Jõe 4, Rõuge, 66201 Võru county

The memorial complex of the destroyed Estonian home

Estonian homes that were damaged in the whirlwind of war and to people who were driven away from their family and homeland by deportation. The memorial is a stone wall with a window, a towering chimney in front of it, and an exposed oven.

Free access 24/7

Address: Hüti village, Rõuge parish, Võru country

Rõuge Maarja kirik

Rõuge Church of the Holy Virgin Mary

The first stone church was built in Rõuge in the 16th century. landlord at the expense of Kursel, who also gave land to the church. Life gathered around the church, a school, a tavern, a cemetery, a pharmacy where a doctor worked, a shop, etc. were built here. 1730 a new one was built in place of the church destroyed in the Northern War, which was lower than the previous church.

Address: Rõuge, Võru country

Vitina manor

1542 gave the manor of Tartu bishop Johann dr. jur. to Jürgen Holdschner, 1598. sold by his son Cremon Bertram Viitina Otto v. to Vietinghoff (probably this is where the place name comes from). The Vietinghoff family owned the manor until 1782, when it went to von Kruedener (Krüdener) as a daughter's dowry.

Address: Viitina, Rõuge parish, Võru country

Rogosi manor

Rogosi manor

Rogosi manor is an old castle-type manor, located in the village of Ruusmäe in the area between four lakes on the Haanja highlands.

Rogosi Manor offers various services: accommodation service, catering, room rental, organizing events, camps, seminars and guided walks in the manor.

Address: Tammiku tee 13, Ruusmäe, Rõuge parish, Võru country

Filmi Vargamäe visitor center

Filmi Vargamäe visitor center is located in Vastse-Roosa village. In 2017 and 2018, the blockbuster movie "Truth and Right" was filmed here. The buildings and facilities here were originally built only for the purpose of the film, but the complex became distinctive and became so homely that the filmmakers decided to keep it. This is how the Filmi Vargamäe visitor center began.

Address: Tüviste, Vastse-Roosa village, Rõuge parish, Võru country 66013

Metsavenna talu

The farm started operations on June 19, 1999. At that time, the main activity was introducing the theme of the forest brother. 2004. In 2010, the kitchen was modernized and a small hall was renovated for customers. cheese has been tested and made in a small way since 2008, which has so far only been sold in the Metsavenna store. OÜ Lõunapiima organic milk is used to make the cheese.

Address: Metsavenna farm, Vastse-Roosa village, Rõuge parish, Võru country 66013

Mõniste Rural Life Museum

Mõniste Rural Life Museum is the oldest open-air museum in Estonia! The general history of the Southern Estonian farm through the centuries from the Stone Age to the present day awaits the visitor. 19th century farm buildings and building interior. Early 20th century farm buildings and building furnishings. Farm agricultural tools, horse tools, blacksmith's tools, utensils, farm textiles. A 1930s country store.

Address: Kuutsi village, Rõuge parish, Võru country

War of Independence memorial monument

In memory of the 200 smallpox victims who fell and died of wounds in the War of Independence, it was erected in 1926 under the leadership of parish priest Valter Viks. next to the church, on the other side of the Rõuge-Haanja road, a monument modeled by the artist Voldemar Melliku (1887-1949). 

Aadress: Rõuge parish, 66201 Võru country

Rõuge Suurjärv

Suurjärv is located in the deep Rõuge primordial valley and belongs to the Rõuge chain of lakes. Liinjärv and Valgjärv are located southeast of Suurjärv in the same primeval valley, Kaussjärv, Ratasjärv, Tõugjärv and Kahrila järv to the northwest. Suurjärv, like the other Rõuge lakes, was created at the end of the ice age as a result of the exploratory activity of ice melt waters. Suurjärv is the deepest of the Estonian lakes - 38 meters. 

Aadress: Rõuge parish, Võru country

Pähni sounding chambers

Pähni sounding chambers are an installation consisting of a giant pipe, which was completed as a first-year project of Estonian Interior Architecture students. The sound chambers of the forest with a diameter of three meters offer visitors a place to think and be alone and listen to the sounds of nature.

Aadress: Pähni village, Rõuge parish, Võru country

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